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Boilers are part of any hydronic heating system that uses water to heat radiators or zones of tubing under floors, driveways, or other radiant heating applications. A boiler heats up the water to a certain temperature and then zone control values distribute the heat based on thermostats strategically placed throughout the system.

The major components inside your boiler heating system are:

As with all mechanical systems, Boilers have to be serviced, inspected, and maintained in order to operate efficiently.   Please give us a call at (616) 772-5626 for all your boiler questions.

boiler csd-1 testing holland, michigan

CSD-1 Testing

Macatawa Mechanical & Radiant is approved to conduct commercial boiler testing of controls and safety devices.

Boiler Efficiency Ratings

Condensing boilers today have ultra-high efficiency ratings reaching upwards of 98%.

Boiler technology increased another 10% and averaged 80% efficiency between the 80s and early 2000s.

Most boilers during this era are about 70% efficient or about 10% more efficient than anything prior to 1950.

Turn of the century boilers are estimated by most professionals at 60% or less.  If your boiler is prior to 1950, it’s likely time to really evaluate your options.

boiler repairs - holland, michigan

Boiler Repairs

No heat or hot water? Do you see leaking or dripping from your boiler? Strange noises such as banging, whistling, or gurgling? Reach out to us at (616) 772-5626.

installation of boilers zeeland, michigan

Boiler Installations

Macatawa Mechanical & Radiant performs a number of installations each year and our technicians are licensed and insured. Please call us today at (616) 772-5626.

radiant heat free consultations zeeland, michigan

Boiler Replacements

Feel free to consult with us if you believe it's time to upgrade to a more efficient boiler or maybe you suffer from allergies. We love to share our experience.

Let us assist with all your boiler needs!

We provide Free Estimates and gladly stand behind our work.

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